Sunday, 9 October 2011

September favourites

Hii :]

There are a few bits and pieces i'm in love with at the moment, so I thought i'd share them with you ♥

My first favourite is not a beauty product but a pair of shoes. I think I originally saw these in an OOTD by moreemilk and fell in love, although they weren't what i'd normally go for.

Sorry if they look a little worn!

As you can see, they're leopard print moccasins and although i'm slowly growing to love leopard print, I really never thought i'd be buying a pair of moccasins as they always remind me of my nan! I am so glad I bought them though, they're so soft and comfortable to wear and they magically jazz up any bland outfit I wear to work. If you want to get in on the leopard print trend this autumn but are too scared to wear the more outrageous items (leggings, shirts etc.) then this is perfect and at £17.99 from New Look, you're hardly breaking the bank to do so :]

My second favourite is my new 'Petrol in Water' nail polish by Andrea Fulerton which I mentioned in my last haul post. I'd read a few reviews on this and they all had really mixed experiences. Some found the polish to be too thick and gloopy whereas some found it to be better than Barry M! With these claims, I wanted to find out whether this was worth the money and whether it really did give the 'Petrol in Water' effect.

Apologies, my nails aren't in the best condition at the moment :(

I followed the instructions, darker coat first and then the lighter glittery coat on top and as soon as I put the top coat on, I was really amazed! The only thing I would do differently next time is to apply a couple of coats of the first 'Petrol' colour. This is quite expensive for nail polish (which you can get from Superdrug for £7.99) but as a one off, I think it's worth the money and it's only just started chipping after a week.

Next is the Makeup Academy Intense Colour eye pencils. I bought three of these for £1.00 each in Superdrug because I wanted to find a new eyeliner and these are brilliant.

I'm quite simple when it comes to being impressed with packaging and the fact that these pencils come with a sharpener on the cap is amazing as i'm forever losing mine.

I bought these in the colours Snow White, Jet Black and Starry Night and they're all, as most MUA products are, really well pigmented.

I'm going to put my Barry M and Rimmel eyeliners away and continue to use these until i'm down to a stub!

Last favourite is The Body Shop body butters. My obsession for The Body Shop started last December when I popped in during the sales, but since then I have tried a variety of butters to find my favourites which now are Mango, Papaya and Pink Grapefruit.

They smell good enough to eat and absorb into the skin slowly leaving your skin feeling moisturised and smelling lovely for hours. I tend to use these after showering, especially on my legs as they're normally quite dry and I really have noticed a difference.

If you want to try these out, pop over to The Body Shop now as they have a 'Buy one get one 50% off' offer!

**Some of the butters can have an alcohol scent, especially if you don't use them that often. So far i've notice the Strawberry, Lemon Whip, Blueberry and Satsuma tend to give off an alcohol smell when applied so i've avoided using them but that may just be me!**

That's all for this months favourites :]

Keep an eye out for my next blog, as i've just placed a large order with e.l.f!



  1. Ohhh, I love the animal print shoes - I have to check out New Look asap, I’m also a fan of The Body Shop lotions and products in general!
    You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  2. They are the most comfortable shoes ever, but i'm not sure whether New Look are doing them online anymore :[ they were still in store yesterday though! I LOVE The Body Shop, all their products make showering seem like a little pampering session :]
    Thanks, both myself and my friend write it so keep reading and i'll check out yours! x

  3. Thanks :] I love them so much x