Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review: A few Avon goodies!

Hi guys,

Huge apology for such a delayed post here, I've been a little snowed under with Uni work but have found a little time to write you a shiny new post. I've just bought a couple of Avon products and as I am a rep myself, I thought it was about time I shared these with the world. Hope you enjoy! :) I'll post the links of where you can buy these online from Avon Shop, or alternatively you can buy from your local rep - sometimes this is a better choice if your rep has their own offers (I offer 10% off when you spend £30).

First are two pencils, one is a double-ended kajalstick from 'color trend' and the other is a double-ended cream superSHOCK eyeshadow pencil (the same line that produced the well reviewed superSHOCK gel eyeliners, raved about by various Youtube gurus and available here for £4.00).

The pencil I have here is 'Chocolate Melt & Cream Dream' which as you can see is a medium brown colour on one end and a creamy vanilla on the other. Personally I would use these as a base under eyeshadow, but after swatching these and leaving them a while I can see that they set in place so could easily be used alone :) If you fancy one of these for yourself or a look at the other colours, they're currently £4.00 reduced from £7.00 here. The other pencil is from 'color trend' which is a collection of more affordable Avon products and though a little hit and miss, the pencils from this range are AMAZING. The one here is emerald and black - really well pigmented and easy to use. These double-ended eyeliners haven't been released just yet (they will be late November) but the formula is the same for regular color trend pencils available here for £2.50.

Above - colourtrend kajalstick, emerald and black / Below - superSHOCK eyeshadow pencil,
So moving on, I bought three lipsticks but from different ranges so I'm going to cover them separately here. This is all three..

The first on the left is from the new Little Red Dress collection which includes four new lipstick shades, two eyeshadow palettes, two nail polishes and a mascara - the packaging is all a beautiful red so will go great together in your collection if you're a fan :) This lipstick shade I have is Vino Royale, the darkest of all the shades and I love this - perfect for winter as Christmas draws nearer and we reach for those warmer shades. I found it good to apply but it is pretty creamy so use with a brush and definitely a lip liner. It'll be available to buy from Avon from 22nd November for an intro price of £5.00.

Avon Little Red Dress Lipstick - Vino Royale
Sorry for the awful condition of my lips, this cold weather is ruining me!

Next up is another product from color trend and that's a lippy in the shade 'Amethyst'. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this one as it really didn't look the same colour as seen in the advertising swatch. Nonetheless, the colour is pretty but I'm not sure I'll be wearing this one often as it is pretty damn pink. These are £2.50 a pop and you can get them heeere!

color trend kiss 'n' go lipstick - Amethyst
In direct light - you can see this has a little bit of a purple edge
Finally, this is definitely the most wearable one of the three, I'll probably be wearing this on a regular basis as it's mess free and pretty suited to my natural lip colour. As a stick, this looks like it would come off pretty brown as nudes go, but the pay off is quite sheer and gives a great finish. The product is Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick (phew!) in Never So Nude retailing at £5 at the mo. What do you guys think?

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick - Never So Nude

Again, my apologies for my crazy dry lips here, time to invest in a industrial strength lip balm for the winter! As a final thought, here are two other Avon products I am in love with at the moment.

Avon Naturals Room & Linen Sprays
These room and linen sprays are amazing, and only a couple of pounds (the prices on these are constantly fluctuating as they're often in 4 for £5 offers and such like - check with your Avon rep if you fancy one!). I have Sugar Plum & Vanilla and Black Cherry & Nutmeg. I use Yankee candles too which I know cost an absolute bomb, and these rival those smells make my room smell gorgeous. Definite recommendation!

Avon Naturals Body Whip
This new Naturals body whip is such a reliable moisturiser, smells gorgeous (Milk and Honey is my favourite) and is like a thick whipped texture. For such an unassuming product this really leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I've recommended these to friends who have fallen in love too, you can get them here for £3.00.

Anywho, I hope this post doesn't come across as some crazy rep trying to sell you things - there are Avon products I don't like, and will openly say so, but these are a few I am quite fond of :) Hope you're all having great days - please leave me some shiny comments with what you think, or what Avon products you enjoy! xxxx

For more Avon reviews, check out my other blog -  Confessions of an Avon Rep :)


  1. Love the vino royale lipstick, lovely wintery colour.

    Holli x

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies xx

  3. I have a body whip in vanilla, might have to get this one next! and some room sprays, was looking at them but i hesitated buying them, DOH!! Lipsticks look great too :) Thanks for all the ideas!

  4. My best friend has the Vanilla one and the smell always lasts so long on her! I have the Red Rose & Peach too but it smells exactly like cold cream, I like it but definitely an acquired taste! No problem hun xxx

  5. all 3 lipsticks are gorge! I'm on the site having a 'browse' now haha

  6. Thanks chick! Let me know if you buy anything :) If you're not sure about colours your local rep can get you samples of lippies and foundations xxx

  7. Thanks for sharing your purchases and for the swatches! Vino Royale is a lovely shade.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I looove the room&linen sprays!
    Does avon still do the naturals body sprays as well? Cause those were amazing, they still sell them in other countries but I haven't seen them in the UK :(
    Anyway, great blog! (:

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! I think Avon have stopped the naturals body sprays now, I haven't seen them for a long time unfortunately :( Bit of a bummer. A good dupe for those would be the Boots Natural Collection body sprays though, they're fab! xx

  10. i myself am a rep for avon:)
    i think its great your showing the products, avon do some really great treats that not many people are aware of, the body moisturiser is so thick and creamy and smells absolutely delicious!

    and no they have definatly stopped selling the sprays which is a shame:(


  11. Thanks Laura! I was quite reluctant about doing an Avon post because I didn't want to come off as an annoying sales rep hehe, but they do stock some amazing products that should be shared. Nice to see another Avon lady :) xxx

  12. I really like that last color! Very soft and pretty!

    ♥ Shia

  13. I just bought the Never So Nude, but was very happy to find your blog beforehand so I could see actual real-life photos. You have beautifully shaped lips, by the way. And Never So Nude is currently marked down to $2. Needless to say, that + free shipping made me a very happy girl. Now how can you go wrong with that kind of deal?

    Thanks again for your posts!