Friday, 27 April 2012

Needs camera advice!

Hi everyone :]

We have just moved into a two bed house (eee) and in our 'spare' room, I now have my own little makeup/hair type area.

I've been considering starting a youtube channel, just to do hauls, reviews and general chit chat and now that I have a room to do it, I figured that I'd need a decent camera!

I'd also like to eventually get a decent camera just to take pictures for the blog as well as other things, so any suggestions for that would be great as well :]

I don't really have a price limit at the moment, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know as it'd be cool to get it started soon(ish)



Saturday, 21 April 2012

Never again, h&m!!!!


I'm so angry right now!!!

loved h&m and after slimming down a bit thought, you know what.. i'll treat myself to some new 'sportswear', you know, gym trousers, tops and a sports bra - much needed at the moment!

Anyway, I placed my order with h&m on the 11th April to be sent to my work address (as that's where I spend most of my time) and this was before their massive sale so everything was in stock and due to be delivered between the 16-20th April. Okay, so it wasn't going to be the quickest delivery ever but I thought, if it's here before my gym programme review (which was this morning), then all would be good, especially as I'm paying £3.90 for it.


Friday I was sitting at work and everytime the buzzer went I'd like 'Ohhh, is that my parcel?'. Still didn't get it.

I emailed h&m customer services last night complaining that my order had not arrived and that no one had been in contact to advise what the situation was. Since then, I've been refreshing my hotmail like crazy, expecting something from them to tell me it's on it's way, when I received this:

Dear Amy,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your recent order.

We are delighted that you have shopped with H&M Online for your shopping needs.

We have looked into your account and order and it has been highlighted to us that we have sent out a letter to your address asking you to call us as we need to can ask a few questions regarding the information that you have provided us with. For security reasons we are unable to fulfil your order until you have contacted via the phone number below.

Do not forget to sign up for our free newsletter and Facebook page to receive exclusive Online discounts and the latest fashion news.

We look forward to hearing from you and we hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,
H&M Customer Services

Please take a moment to let us know how well we did. Just use this link:

Telephone: 0844 736 9000
Calls cost £0.04 per minute from a landline, mobile prices may vary
Monday - Friday: 8am - 9pm, Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Closed on bank holidays.


Firstly, why didn't they send me an email telling me about this, even if they did send a letter?
Secondly, after being told my order has not been fulfilled, do you really think i'm going to like you on facebook and sign up to your newsletter (I am going to like them on facebook so they can see this)? Also, I will HAPPILY complete your feedback form.
Finally, do you really expect me to pay MORE money to find out where the hell my order is!?

I decided I needed to find out, so called up and spoke to a nice guy (I did get really mad at him and I know it wasn't his fault even though towards the end he was seriously trying to push all the wrong buttons) who explained that they realised it was a business address, so put my order on stop! After getting really mad at this guy, I ended up cancelling my order and telling him to remove from every marketing/mailing list they have. If they cannot deliver to business addresses, why do they continue to send marketing to my work address, eh?

So now I'm really angry with h&m and haven't got my stuff but on the plus side i'm £58 up and what with moving next week, every little helps!

Gah. It's just so annoying that they 'don't deliver to business addresses' when i've received an order there before and they don't clearly tell you on their website! How am I supposed to get shopping delivered when I work full time!?

Sorry to ramble and be so angry, but just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this with h&m?

Time for smiles now :]


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant review

Hi everyone :]

For those of you who haven't followed (*sob*) or even if you just fancy reading a review, pop over to my fitness/health blog for a read of my latest review on how I prevent smelly underarms at the gym!

Dove Maximum Protection review :] CLICK HERE!

Go oooon, it's nearly the weekend!


Sunday, 15 April 2012

7 Sprummer wants!

Hi everyone :]

If you're wondering, Sprummer... spring/summer! Do you think it'll catch on? Ha ha!

Besides the on/off rain in the UK, it is on it's way so just thought i'd share a few bits that I can't wait to buy when i'm (finally) down a dress size.

1. Topshop - Mixed stud earring pack - £8.50
2. ASOS - LETTY Lace detail loafer - £17.00 (in sale)
3. Topshop - Pastel skull stretch bracelet - £16.50
4. Dorothy Perkins - Turquoise toe post sandals - £23.00
5. H&M - Blouse - £24.99
6. Dorothy Perkins - Indigo linen trousers (with belt) - £26.00
7. Topshop - Buckle cuff - £12.50

All really cute for Spring/Summer, I think. I just want to buy them a size smaller so a couple of weeks to go maybe?

Are you a fan of pastels this Sprummer?

Heehee :] don't forget to check out my other blog, Pass the scales for fitness tips, recipes and much more weight loss related mumbo!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A tiddly favour?

Hi lovelies,

Just a small favour to ask you. As some of you may know, I'm an Avon representative so have ready access to new products being released. Instead of clogging up this blog, I've decided to start a separate blog over here just for Avon reviews and swatches of products I get access to. It's all with my own money so I will offer my honest opinions!

I would absolutely love it if you could follow the blog and give me a kickstart. I will send virtual cake your way!

Thanks so much,
Colly x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Feather extensions for Spring?

Hi everyone :]

Hope you all had a lovely Easter?

I haven't really started yet, but please go and check out my other blog Pass the scales which will be full of health and fitness tips, recipes and reviews.

I really fancy a change this Spring and after watching a Kandee Johnson video, thought that perhaps I should give feather extensions a go? 
Image from - hope she doesn't mind!!
JLH showing off her featherinos :]

They are sold in a variety of lengths, colours and styles along with the tools to pop them in and take them out.

They aren't that expensive and look really fun to play with! Your hair could match your outfit!!

What do you think? A step too far?