Friday, 27 April 2012

Needs camera advice!

Hi everyone :]

We have just moved into a two bed house (eee) and in our 'spare' room, I now have my own little makeup/hair type area.

I've been considering starting a youtube channel, just to do hauls, reviews and general chit chat and now that I have a room to do it, I figured that I'd need a decent camera!

I'd also like to eventually get a decent camera just to take pictures for the blog as well as other things, so any suggestions for that would be great as well :]

I don't really have a price limit at the moment, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know as it'd be cool to get it started soon(ish)




  1. I use Nikon 5100, I love it it takes great photoes and HD Videos as well:) Best investment I ever made. Hope this was helpful!

    <3 Marielley

    1. Oh thanks! Where did you get yours from? I'll go and have a search :] xx

  2. That is cool, will be great to see your youtube video's!

    1. I need the confidence and camera first :] then there'll be no stopping me!! x