Sunday, 18 December 2011

My nail polish collection... So far!

Hi everyone :]

Apart from buying the last few Christmas presents, this afternoon has involved PJs, Willy Wonka and taking photos of my nail polish collection.

This post will be mostly pictures because who wants to read on a Sunday!?

So... here we go in alphabetical order!

Mint Whisper, Paradise Pink, Steel.
Petrol In Water

Turquoise, Peach Melba, Mint Green, Berry Ice Cream.

Black, Cyan Blue, Fuchsia.

Clear Basecoat, White Crackle Effect.

My Fair Lady, Headliner, SharpTail
Underwear basecoat.
Dark Red, Cranberry, Burgundy.

Smokey Brown, Blush.

Gum Pink, Coral.

Matte Topcoat, Twinkle.
White, Mint Green.
Black, Metal Madness.
Dark Navy.
Unknown Pink, Sweet Tooth.

Hanover Square, Bow Street, Kingly Street, Burlington Arcade.


  1. Max Factor - Red Passion
  2. Avon - Vintage Blue
  3. Collection 2000 - 20 Cloud Nine
  4. Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener
  5. Random white polish
  6. ORLY - Tiara
Cuticle pens (Body shop & Superdrug own), nail clippers, bobby pin, cotton buds.
e.l.f and Tesco cuticle sticks.
Cheap Primark bobby pins used as dotting tools.
e.l.f and Body shop toe seperators.

That's it so far. Obviously I have removers and cotton pads, but they're not exactly interesting. 

I'm not sure which are my favourites, as it depends what mood i'm in although I am loving the Max Factor polish at the moment. It chips really badly but it dries really quickly and the colour is amazing so i'll be getting more of those after Christmas. They do have a deal in Boots at the moment, if you spend over £15 and get a free gift :] was tempting but I have Christmas dinner to pay for yet... maybe after?

What's your favourite brand and/or nail colour? Any tips on the tools you use?

Merry Christmas xxxx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

My new best friend ♥


 Hope you're all enjoying the lead up to Christmas? With all the work parties and get-togethers, regardless of the English weather, the pins will start coming out! For those of you who are stuck on what to ask for or buy someone as a present for Christmas, I have the solution....

Not my image - sorry!
This is the Philips Satinelle Soft Sensitive Total Body Epilator which is approximately £27.99 both online and in-store. 

Now, I know what you're thinking... epilating hurts, right?
I won't lie, it does hurt but you do get used to it after the first couple of times - so i'm told!

See.. can't hurt that much. She's smiling!!
 I've heard my share of horror storires when it comes to epilating, one person even told me that they'd rather go through childbirth again than epilate which was kind of scary but I decided to try it nonetheless.

I couldn't actually bring myself to use it at first because as soon as I turned it on to the first speed setting, I nearly wet myself! It was so fast and scary.. why would I want to put that on my leg!?!? I was considering backing out and returning it but my boyfriend decided to help, so I was sat there gripping the sofa cushions preparing myself for the worst whilst he was figuring out how to use it. Eventually we got there and after the first leg and feeling the results, it was more than worth it! It can't pick up all the hairs, as it depends on the length but it cleared about 90% from my leg which was perfect for me. I plucked (no pun intended) up the courage to do the other leg myself and now I can't wait to do it :]

The results last about 2 weeks with very little regrowth. Perfect!!

If you're like me and hate shaving your legs (boring/fast regrowth) or can't afford waxing then invest in one of these. It's affordable, comes with shaving attachments as well for those areas you do not wish to epilate as well as a beginners epilating attachment and brush.

For those of you who still aren't convinced or are worried about how painful it really is, the only way I can describe it is like the stinging sensation you get when having a tattoo done. Once you've removed the longer hairs, the pain lessens. The only areas I still struggle with are the ankles, knees and backs of my legs but trust me, it's worth it :]

 Has or does anyone epilate? If so, what epilator do you use?

Anyway, enough of my rambling now :] I hope this was an interesting read. 


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone :]

Christmas is only round the corner now, so thought i'd do my Christmas Wishlist. These are only a few ideas of presents i'd like for Christmas but i'm in no way expecting them! Hopefully some will be reduced in the sale.

The items are...
  1. Leopard print jeans from Dorothy Perkins for £39.00 (crazzzzy price)
  2. Nails Inc. 'I Can Paint A Rainbow' mini collection from for £25.00
  3. Large Acrylic Bow Ring from eBay for £2.99 (exc.p&p)
  4. Blue tuck dip hem jumper from Dorothy Perkins for £25.00
  5. Tegan & Sara 'Get Along' album from Amazon for £11.99 (could probably find this cheaper)
  6. Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray from Avon for £6.00 (but in the sale for £3.00)
  7. Pretty Polly Ribbon tights from Dorothy Perkins/Pretty Polly for £10.00
  8. Betsey Johnson Dairy Cow ring from eBay for £4.45 (converted from dollars. Exc. p&p)
  9. Elle the Skelanimal from EMP for £11.99
  10. Pentacle Girls hooded sweatshirt from EMP for £24.99
That's all for now :] i'm sure there are other little bits and bobs that I come across but you get the idea of things i'm hoping for.

Hopefully this won't make me sound selfish or greedy!

What are you asking for?


Monday, 5 December 2011

Snowman nails

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post tonight about SNOWMAN NAILS!

They're not the best but I fancied something different and wanted to get into the festive spirit. This was inspired by Cutepolish. Let me know what you think :]

Blue 'snow' dots and a snowman.

The nose was super tricky!

One snowman really is better than the other - haha.

Nose isn't perfect up close *at all* but you get the general idea (sorry about the icky a sore dry bit at the moment :( but this was the better of the two)!
I know I don't have the best hands/nails ever but I thought i'd give it a go.

The polish I used:
Basecoat: Barry M basecoat - Clear
Base colour: elf - White
Snowman eyes/mouth: elf - Black
Snowman nose: Barry M - Peach Melba
Snow dots: Avon - Vintage Blue
Glitter on snow dots: Andrea Fulerton's 'Petrol in Water' glitter coat
Topcoat: Barry M topcoat - Clear

Hope you all enjoyed :] i'll be trying something different every week on the run up to Christmas!