Monday, 7 January 2013

New years resolutions - lose weight!

Hi everyone :]

A lot of people around this time of year vow to lose weight but can slip easily as they don't have the support network or information available!
I've created another blog for just that! It has loads of information on how to lose weight including recipe ideas, tips and tricks on how to make your meals 'skinny' and simple exercises you can do at home.
Head over and have a read or 'like' on facebook to join to little community :] we're a lovely bunch!
Hope you're all having an enjoyable 2013 so far xxx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

New diet recipes/fitness blog

Hi everyone!
Sorry it's been a long time since posting on here.
I have a new blog about my weight loss :] there will be low calorie recipes as well as tips, tricks and fitness routines!
Hope you're all well and had a lovely Christmas?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cheap Smells super sale - Nars, Urban Decay, Benefit & Elizabeth Arden for under £10!

Hi everyone :]

Super quick post today just to let you all know that Cheap Smells are having a super sale (thank you money saving email for informing me) and they have some big names, all for under £10!

Brands include:
Elizabeth Arden
Urban Decay
And many more.....

Hope you're all well :]


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday Shoespiration

A big, fat hello :]

I actually can't remember the last time I blogged, how crazy is that?

A lot has been going on, so I do apologise for the break and to *hopefully* get back into the blogging mood, I thought I'd share what I'm lusting over at the moment as I've been on a bit of a 'shoe kick' lately. Since finding out I can 'walk' in what I consider to be crazy heels, I have been LOVING every Jeffrey Campbell shoe possible as well as a few other towery shoes and some slightly more sensible :]

Just to give you a little more info.. all of these images/shoes are from Solestruck which seems to be my shoe porn heaven at the moment. A little run down (minus prices, as they're all just way too expensive) top left to bottom right - Luxury Jones, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 2, Jeffrey Campbell Warden, Jeffrey Campbell Damsel (I LOVE THESE), UBIQ Fatima Kitty, UNIF Hellbounds, Jeffrey Campbell Bolen and another pair of Luxury Jones.

I'm possibly going to attempt a DIY of the Luxury Jones as I cannot justify spending $350+ on a pair of ankle boots that have belts round them!

What shoes have you been lusting after?


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jeffrey Campbell fakes

Hi everyone,

I could actually squeal out loud, I just LOVE these shoes *so.damn.much.*


When I first started losing weight, I promised myself that when I reached a size 14, I'd treat myself to a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. Well, I finally squished into size 14 clothes at the weekend :] hooray!

So this is me now and although the dress is in a 16, I never thought i'd be here :] the red shoes are the first pair of heels i've worn in over a year, which was pretty scary. I managed to walk in them all day without falling flat on my face, so my love for heels is back. Uh oh!

Time to treat myself to some Lita's! Although, my feet seem to be shrinking (yes, strange but this seems to happen to me - I used to be an 8, now i'm a 5-6..WHA) so figured I wouldn't buy the real mccoy just yet.


I found a reasonably cheap pair, placed my order Sunday night, they were posted recorded delivery on Monday and I received them today :3 SO impressed and they're perfect <3

They're surprisingly easy to walk in (she says after only prancing around on the landing) and extremely well made for the price. I think I actually prefer these to the real thing!

If you fancy getting a pair for £19.99 (£2.99 p&p) click here :] they also sell fake nightwalk style shoes.

Have you had a good eBay find recently?


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

NOTD: Poundland glitter top coat

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well?

Sorry it's been a while since I've done anything interesting on here. Life just seems to be getting in the way. I'm honestly going to try and get back into the swing of things now though.

Anyway, I'd heard these rumours on Youtube and random blogs that Poundland sold brand make-up so figured I'd check it out next time I was shopping. Without sounding snobby (even though it will) I usually avoid Poundland like the plague, but the idea of £1 make-up was too good to pass.
I headed in and there were loads of Rimmel eyeshadows, Revlon nail polishes and NYC 'items' that did look slightly questionable. After all that, I only bought a few bits! One was a Revlon nail polish which I thought was yellow but turns out it was bad lighting and it was actually white =[ but still, I'm sure I'll make use of it. I also picked up this one, which I'm pretty sure is a dupe for an OPI colour..(?)
Either way, for £1 I think it's worth it and pretty :]

Sorry for the blurry images! I'm using my new phones camera and still haven't got the hang of the settings :/ oops!

Have you found any bargains in a pound shop before?


Thursday, 28 June 2012

7 Things for 30 Days! (via Sprinkle of Glitter)

Helloo all,

This isn't really a beauty-related post today, but something more personal which was inspired by queen blogger Sprinkle of Glitter's (that's her there!) blogpost on the idea of '7 things for 7 days'. The whole idea is to write a post including 7 aims of yours which you'd like to achieve within the next 7 days (or longer, if you need it!). After such a lovely and reassuring reaction to my dreaded blog post about anxiety, I thought I'd open up a little and give it a go!

Do let me know if you're involved in this too - would love to see what you're aiming for and potentially give a little push and vise versa :)

I'm putting the aim of a month on this, as some are quite a push.. so to be completed by 28th July.

1. Study - I have a business assignment due for my degree on the 26th July so this is a must!

2. Walk alone - This is bizarre, and fairly unique to me. As mentioned before, anxiety has been a problem of mine for a few years and been fairly limiting in what I can do independently. I'm looking to finally return to work soon but need to start doing stuff on my tod! So I'd like to have a walk on my own for at least 10 minutes.

3. Read - Must not let my lovely Kindle go to waste! Half way through Exotic Marigold Hotel at the moment and loving it.

4. Sort - My wardrobe is an absolute embarrassment of mess. Must get sorted by the end of July and give what I don't want to charity or recycle fabric.

 5. Celebrate - July is my birthday month and I have a few exciting things planned thanks to gorgeous friends and lovely family. So I'm going to relax and try to enjoy all - worry free :)

6. Extend Welsh vocab - This is another weird one. For a year I've been learning Welsh (my grandfather was from Wales) and really haven't got very far. Would like to learn some new words.

7. Bake - I'd like to bake a cake or two to unwind. Any suggestions?

Wish me luck and good luck to all involved!
Colly xxx