Thursday, 28 June 2012

7 Things for 30 Days! (via Sprinkle of Glitter)

Helloo all,

This isn't really a beauty-related post today, but something more personal which was inspired by queen blogger Sprinkle of Glitter's (that's her there!) blogpost on the idea of '7 things for 7 days'. The whole idea is to write a post including 7 aims of yours which you'd like to achieve within the next 7 days (or longer, if you need it!). After such a lovely and reassuring reaction to my dreaded blog post about anxiety, I thought I'd open up a little and give it a go!

Do let me know if you're involved in this too - would love to see what you're aiming for and potentially give a little push and vise versa :)

I'm putting the aim of a month on this, as some are quite a push.. so to be completed by 28th July.

1. Study - I have a business assignment due for my degree on the 26th July so this is a must!

2. Walk alone - This is bizarre, and fairly unique to me. As mentioned before, anxiety has been a problem of mine for a few years and been fairly limiting in what I can do independently. I'm looking to finally return to work soon but need to start doing stuff on my tod! So I'd like to have a walk on my own for at least 10 minutes.

3. Read - Must not let my lovely Kindle go to waste! Half way through Exotic Marigold Hotel at the moment and loving it.

4. Sort - My wardrobe is an absolute embarrassment of mess. Must get sorted by the end of July and give what I don't want to charity or recycle fabric.

 5. Celebrate - July is my birthday month and I have a few exciting things planned thanks to gorgeous friends and lovely family. So I'm going to relax and try to enjoy all - worry free :)

6. Extend Welsh vocab - This is another weird one. For a year I've been learning Welsh (my grandfather was from Wales) and really haven't got very far. Would like to learn some new words.

7. Bake - I'd like to bake a cake or two to unwind. Any suggestions?

Wish me luck and good luck to all involved!
Colly xxx

Review and discounts! Bio-Oil

Hi all,

I did contemplate whether or not this post would be worthwhile considering this product is rather widely known and loved but I have to throw my two pence in. I'll try not to blabber on, but I think this product is absolutely fantastic and have tried to spread the word to anyone I can about it's benefits so here we are!

Containing PurCellin Oil (no idea either but it seems to work!), Vitamin A & E and natural plant oils such as Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile, the purpose of Bio-Oil is to help improve the appearance of skin. So this includes problems such as scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dehydration.

I have used this in the past for scarring and the first time round, really didn't get the hype - it had little impact on the areas I was trying to improve. Years later I gave it another go but used it more widely than just on scar problems - I apply this to my arms, decolletage, face and neck as a moisturiser twice a day. For mornings, you really only need a little bit on your face (just the excess on your hands from where you've applied elsewhere) before makeup to add enough moisture to the face before application. In the evenings it's fair to apply a little more as it's likely you'll be sleeping through as it absorbs.

There are a few benefits that I have personally noticed which I'll put in bullet points here to make it a little fancy:
  • Offers breakout solutions for dry/combination/sensitive skin - I have struggled to find products that a) aren't aimed at oily skin and b) aren't aimed at teenage skin for breakouts of spots and other nasties. Often a) dries my skin out to a prune and b) reacts way too harshly to my face. I didn't expect Bio-oil to make a difference with regard to this problem - it definitely doesn't eliminate all blemishes - but it has toned down redness and reduced new spots. I can only assume this is due to me adding oil to my face that it previously lacked and creating a bit more of a balance. Anyone?
  • Gives you reeeally soft skin - This is the one that most people rave about and it definitely isn't to be sniffed at - this stuff really does leave your skin soft and smooth. Plus I think it does highlight tans a little more than regular moisturisers.
  • Makes foundation last longer - Yeah, I think this is really bizarre too. I thought it might be due to a change in weather, perhaps, but after switching to a different face moisturiser and realising my foundation faded much quicker, I think this oil does have primer qualities. As with the other points, it could just be a good match with my skin but let me know if this has happened to you too!
  • Offers dewy finish (even to powder freaks like me) - I'm not ashamed to admit I do set my foundation fairly heavily with powder and sometimes could end up with something a little clown-esque, but using this before has created a good balance. Also, worth noting - just because it's an oil doesn't mean that make-up slips, but you will prob need a little bit of powder just to set the centre of the face!
 Overall, I think it's something pretty special.. apart from the rather steep price tag. I bought the smallest bottle at 60ml (below) for an eye watering £8.99 from Boots. But I was so pleased to see a pretty amazing offer at Lloyds at the moment where all products are about 50% off. So that tiddly one is currently £4.49 and the biggest at 200ml (below), which is usually £19.99 is just £9.99. Bargain! So if you're interested at giving it a go, you can pick up the smallest for under a fiver or if you're already a fan, go get them while they're cheap! Clickly this link for more info.

Different sizes of Bio-oil

On application / Once dried (takes a few minutes)
Phew, if you got to the end thank you! I am very aware that this sounds like a sponsored post but I promise this is entirely all my views - I'm just excited to have found something I really do love. Would love to know about your experiences with Bio oil if you've given it a go or if you might try it.

Hope you're all well!
Colly x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Giveaway winner! x

Hello all,

We are happy to announce that we've chosen a winner for the big giveaway bundle that we collected!

The winner is.. Abegail Abundo :) We have sent you an email and would be really grateful if you could reply with your postal address so we can get the package out to you. Do note it's coming from the UK so there might be a slight wait if you are elsewhere!

Thank you so much for all entering, we really do appreciate it! Considering how successful it was I'm sure we'll offer some more in the future.

Collette and Amy xxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Last chance - GIVEAWAY ending tomorrow!

Hello lovelies,

Just a quick post to remind you of our rather fab giveaway ending tomorrow evening - there is still time to enter and we'd love to offer you an opportunity to win all the goodies worth over £60! :)

All you need to do is be a follower of this blog and our other joint blogs: Confessions of an Avon Rep and Miss Mooface ..then pop over to  the giveaway post and let us know!

Good luck!
Collette xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

First make-up shop for a year! Anxiety chat and goodies


This post is a little different from most and, to be honest, is a little bit of a step for me to write about on here! I have suffered with anxiety for a few years, and although things are gradually improving now, I've been pretty much unable to go shopping, out for dinner and other fun things for around a year. All the bits and bobs you've seen on here from me have mainly been from online shopping. I have being pushing myself, with a little help from the good weather and amazing friends and family, to try and meet some targets of mine. As a blogger, it is safe to assume one of those targets is to go make up shopping - and yep, just a few days ago I managed it! I'm pretty chuffed with myself and thought I would share with you here all the goodies I bought from Superdrug :)

Unfortunately anxiety is far too common, so to any of you readers out there struggling - it really does get better! I was pretty much stuck in my house for a long time and have now doors are opening up for me in all directions as I begin to get better. For me the key is repetition.. first I would just take a five minute walk with my boyfriend a couple of times a week, and as this got easier I'd change it to ten minutes and so on. The same with shops, I'd go to a quieter and smaller shop a few times until it became normal, and gradually build it up. It is bloody scary and takes a lot of encouragement, but the rewards are worth it - and you are not crazy for panicking, there are so many of us in the same boat! So persevere and keep your chin up, it does get easier.

Anyway, onto the good stuff!

Max Factor Flip Stick in 'Boreal Mauve'

Superdrug had (I'm not sure it's still on) an offer where if you bought a selected Max Factor mascara, you got a Flip Stick free - worth £8.49 so not bad! The colour choice isn't amazing, and this option seemed the least scary so I went for it. The purpose of this product is to create more of a 3D lip effect by applying the darker colour all over and the lighter colour to the center of the lip. The darker shade is shimmer-free and a lovely berry pink and the lighter shade is more of a baby pink with a subtle shimmer - both more on the cooler, blue-toned side of pink. I've only used this product today and can definitely say the lasting power is fantastic (those swatches have slightly stained me!) and the smaller sized bullets make application easy. I'm not sure that the colour suits me - but the idea of this lippie is fab.

You can get it from Boots here!

Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara

This was the mascara that I bought to receive the free Flip Stick. I am a HUGE fan of the regular False Lash Effect so assumed this would be pretty much the same.. unfortunately it is a little different in terms of results and doesn't boost my lashes like the original. I don't know what they've changed in the formula, it doesn't seem particularly thin or thick but just not the same magic as before. The wand is the same though which is a big thumbs up. Not sure I'd repurchase but will definitely keep using this :)

It is currently £8.99 for Boots here!

Sleek Makeup Pout Polish in 'Peach Perfection'

I've seen a lot of people rave about these so I picked one up myself. This product seems to be marketed as a lip conditioner - personally I don't think the texture feels thick enough to really be doing anything, but it does leave a nice sheen (not gloss - woohoo!) and soft finish. Plus it smells seriously good! A must have for my make up bag when I don't want anything heavy on the lips.

I don't know why I can't find these on the Superdrug website, but you can get them directly from Sleek for £4.30 here.

Fashionista Baked Eyeshadows in 'Golden Dragon' and 'Bewitched' / Blush in 'Butterscotch'

Blusher in 'Butterscotch' / Baked Eyeshadows in 'Bewitched' and 'Golden Dragon'
From top: 'Bewitched' (e/s) 'Golden Dragon' (e/s) and 'Butterscotch' (blush)

I've never tried this brand before but thought their prices were pretty good value (each of these were £4.00 each) and the colour selection was pretty impressive. The blushes and eyeshadows come in the same packaging and you can get your hands on an empty palette for a fiver which you can pop in whichever blushers or eyeshadows you like. I chose the eyeshadows 'Golden Dragon' and 'Bewitched' which are baked - the pigments are pretty strong but as I can gather so far the lasting power isn't too long so you might need a primer. Fashionista's selection of blushers is pretty vast with a variety of finishes - the 'Butterscotch' shade I chose is really subtle and easily blendeable. Overall I'm pretty pleased and would go back to this brand again!

To have a look through their products clicky here!

Good Things Face the Day Moisturiser

A friend of mine had the grape cleanser from this brand and I used to always have a little sniff of it when I was at hers.. so I got my paws on the moisturiser! I wouldn't say this is a revolutionary product, it does the job and leaves me skin smooth but more importantly it smells AMAZING and so does my face. So thumbs up! Plus it's free from parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils and sodium laureth sulphate which is a handy extra.

A little bit on the pricey end at £7.99 for 100ml but seriously, go smell this and you'll see why it's worth the pennies.

Aaaand that's it! A bit of a huge post and a big congrats if you reached the end. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I (finally) enjoyed the shopping experience. If you have any similar experiences I would love to hear from you, I was a little nervous about writing about my anxiety so any fellow worriers do chat!

Take care,
Collette xxx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

New (and disappointing) Barry M Chameleon polish

Hi everyone,

So, I'm a little disappointed today. I popped into Superdrug earlier and was shocked to find the 'New Barry M Chameleon nail paints' as I hadn't seen much hype about them online - did I miss something?

I still hadn't bought anything to get my free 80's style polish so thought 'go on then, let's try this out', so picked up the pink (middle) and blue (right).

Oh my. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Unless I'm getting this completely wrong, this is what you're supposed to do:

I used the blue polish and the Barry M Basecoat, topcoat and hardener.. just to be safe!
Step one: Apply a basecoat - CHECK
Step two: Apply a coat of the 'Chameleon' polish of choice - CHECK
Step three: Wait for this to dry, then go crazy with your choice of topcoat (apparently any topcoat works although not sure how true this is?) and make pretty designs/patterns - CHE..wait, what :|

I was doing this quickly as I wasn't in a patient mood but wanted to try this out... Now, unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, are amazingly talented with a small brush and/or have the patience of a saint, I'm not sure how this will work for you as it doesn't for me.

The colour of the blue is amazing BUT it's then ruined by this horrible, dull mauvey colour. Some of you may love it, but it really isn't my colour at all, especially not for this time of year. On top of that, you will probably need a stencil or some tape to create any design as most topcoat brushes are thick and not made for 'nail art'.

I'm also a little confused as to how you're supposed to seal your design in, as you can't pop a topcoat on to protect it. Since I didn't wait any longer than two minutes after painting, I can't tell you what the chipping is like but if it's like regular Barry M paint, i'm thinking you possibly have 2-3 days before it starts looking tatty.

I was so excited to try this but it's a big fat fail for Barry M in my book. I will still buy their regular paints but this for £3.99 isn't worth it in my book.

Have you tried any of these polishes yet & what do you think?


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Struggle with contouring? A tiddly tip..

Hello ladies,

I will happily admit I am completely shoddy at contouring. I've watched countless Youtube videos to learn the techniques (one particularly fab one if you are new to the idea is Lisa Eldridge's) and tried out a few different products aimed at contouring (if you are confident, give Sleek's Contour Kit a go - the highlighter alone is fab!) but have still not felt entirely confident in my rather poop abilities.

Thankfully I have discovered a little trick for those who are struggling, like me, to get it down to an art. This is just what works for me and might be worth a go if you are unsure. Instead of opting for shades available in bronzing and contour kits that are a fair shade darker than your natural skin colour, consider using face powders that would usually be too dark for you. My normal face powder is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in 'Medium' and for contouring I use Max Factor's Creme Puff Powder in 'Nouveau Beige' - you can see the difference in the pic below :)

Back - my natural powder / Front - my contour powder

The result definitely isn't as striking as it would be if you used a contour product, but while you are learning where to place product the different areas of your face this is a pretty failsafe option! You definitely get some definition without commiting to a big old stripe down your cheeks (been there). It really isn't anything innovative, but just a little trick that makes make-up easier for me.

Do share any tips you have them, and let me know if you might give this a go :)
Also, check out our lovely GIVEAWAY - it's closing soon!

Thanks for reading,
Collette xxx

**GIVEAWAY** & Miss Mooface deals of the week!

Hi everyone,

A big thank you to those who have already followed me on my other blog Miss Mooface.

I'm trying to get a bit of a schedule in place for regular posts, which will include weekly deals, hauls, reviews on all things lovely, not just beauty related and a 'blog you should follow'.

I would love to make this an enjoyable blog to read... any suggestions as to what you'd like to see/read?

Check out my 'deals of the week' here!!

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Barry M's 30th Anniversary with free polish!

Hi everyone :]

Just a little post as I've just noticed Barry M have posted something exciting on their Facebook page!

Image from Barry M Facebook page

Okay, so it's not really a true freebie, but still :]


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ciaté, Benefit & Leighton Denny

Hi everyone :]

As you may have read in a previous post, Glamour are giving away Benefit 'luxe minis' with their July issue. So many gurus on here and Youtube have been talking about the amazing freebies with magazines this month and I think i've now been sucked in.

I'm not a massive magazine buyer, as I flick through the pictures then bin them :/ but as you can see, I may have got a little carried away today...

Harper's Bazaar - £4.20, Marie Claire - £3.70 and Glamour - £2.00
There aren't that many there. I think it's just bad as I have already bought Marie Claire once this week but loved the Ciaté freebie so much, I had to buy another. That's crazy normal... right?

Annnnnnnyway, I gave into the Glamour/Benefit offer as so many people rave about their products and wanted to know what all the fuss was about, so I managed to get the 'Bad Gal Lash' which was exactly what I wanted, even if it does have Fearne on the cover (don't even get me started).

I'm still trying to find my perfect mascara, so maybe this will be the one? Has anyone tried this yet/any blog reviews?

Marie Claire July issue next.

They're giving away a FULL SIZE Ciaté nail polish (usually £9) and I couldn't be happier as I love love love Ciaté polishes. I bought a copy of MC earlier in the week, with the polish 'Jelly Bean'...

It even has a hint of purple shimmer in it
It's such an amazing pink and after 3 days (including washing up & cooking dinners), still no chipping! So today I went searching for another one in the shade 'Bon Bon'.

It's a lovely nude/mauve colour :] swatches to follow. There is another shade, 'Purple Sherbert' but I'm not a massive fan of purple, so I won't be getting this one.

Lastly, Harper's Bazaar.

I've never read or even heard of this magazine but the July issue comes with a (fully size - 12ml?) Leighton Denny polish worth £11. I believe there are two others to get, one is a nude and not sure on the other.. purpley/pink perhaps? Anyway, the colour I picked up was 'Plush Pink'...

I can't wait to use this :] I've seen so many people love these polishes, so I'm excited to finally try one out myself. Again, swatches to follow.

Not bad freebies :]

I know that there are a few other magazines with free bits & bobs this month which I mentioned on my other blog, Miss Mooface.

Have you bought any magazines with amazing freebies this month?