Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review and discounts! Bio-Oil

Hi all,

I did contemplate whether or not this post would be worthwhile considering this product is rather widely known and loved but I have to throw my two pence in. I'll try not to blabber on, but I think this product is absolutely fantastic and have tried to spread the word to anyone I can about it's benefits so here we are!

Containing PurCellin Oil (no idea either but it seems to work!), Vitamin A & E and natural plant oils such as Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile, the purpose of Bio-Oil is to help improve the appearance of skin. So this includes problems such as scarring, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dehydration.

I have used this in the past for scarring and the first time round, really didn't get the hype - it had little impact on the areas I was trying to improve. Years later I gave it another go but used it more widely than just on scar problems - I apply this to my arms, decolletage, face and neck as a moisturiser twice a day. For mornings, you really only need a little bit on your face (just the excess on your hands from where you've applied elsewhere) before makeup to add enough moisture to the face before application. In the evenings it's fair to apply a little more as it's likely you'll be sleeping through as it absorbs.

There are a few benefits that I have personally noticed which I'll put in bullet points here to make it a little fancy:
  • Offers breakout solutions for dry/combination/sensitive skin - I have struggled to find products that a) aren't aimed at oily skin and b) aren't aimed at teenage skin for breakouts of spots and other nasties. Often a) dries my skin out to a prune and b) reacts way too harshly to my face. I didn't expect Bio-oil to make a difference with regard to this problem - it definitely doesn't eliminate all blemishes - but it has toned down redness and reduced new spots. I can only assume this is due to me adding oil to my face that it previously lacked and creating a bit more of a balance. Anyone?
  • Gives you reeeally soft skin - This is the one that most people rave about and it definitely isn't to be sniffed at - this stuff really does leave your skin soft and smooth. Plus I think it does highlight tans a little more than regular moisturisers.
  • Makes foundation last longer - Yeah, I think this is really bizarre too. I thought it might be due to a change in weather, perhaps, but after switching to a different face moisturiser and realising my foundation faded much quicker, I think this oil does have primer qualities. As with the other points, it could just be a good match with my skin but let me know if this has happened to you too!
  • Offers dewy finish (even to powder freaks like me) - I'm not ashamed to admit I do set my foundation fairly heavily with powder and sometimes could end up with something a little clown-esque, but using this before has created a good balance. Also, worth noting - just because it's an oil doesn't mean that make-up slips, but you will prob need a little bit of powder just to set the centre of the face!
 Overall, I think it's something pretty special.. apart from the rather steep price tag. I bought the smallest bottle at 60ml (below) for an eye watering £8.99 from Boots. But I was so pleased to see a pretty amazing offer at Lloyds at the moment where all products are about 50% off. So that tiddly one is currently £4.49 and the biggest at 200ml (below), which is usually £19.99 is just £9.99. Bargain! So if you're interested at giving it a go, you can pick up the smallest for under a fiver or if you're already a fan, go get them while they're cheap! Clickly this link for more info.

Different sizes of Bio-oil

On application / Once dried (takes a few minutes)
Phew, if you got to the end thank you! I am very aware that this sounds like a sponsored post but I promise this is entirely all my views - I'm just excited to have found something I really do love. Would love to know about your experiences with Bio oil if you've given it a go or if you might try it.

Hope you're all well!
Colly x


  1. I bought bio oil initially for scarring and because id heard so much and then when i read the little leaflet inside i was amazed at how many things it can be used for! x

    1. I know - such an unassuming product! xx

  2. I will try to get the small bottle if is still on sale. Thanks.