Thursday, 7 June 2012

Struggle with contouring? A tiddly tip..

Hello ladies,

I will happily admit I am completely shoddy at contouring. I've watched countless Youtube videos to learn the techniques (one particularly fab one if you are new to the idea is Lisa Eldridge's) and tried out a few different products aimed at contouring (if you are confident, give Sleek's Contour Kit a go - the highlighter alone is fab!) but have still not felt entirely confident in my rather poop abilities.

Thankfully I have discovered a little trick for those who are struggling, like me, to get it down to an art. This is just what works for me and might be worth a go if you are unsure. Instead of opting for shades available in bronzing and contour kits that are a fair shade darker than your natural skin colour, consider using face powders that would usually be too dark for you. My normal face powder is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in 'Medium' and for contouring I use Max Factor's Creme Puff Powder in 'Nouveau Beige' - you can see the difference in the pic below :)

Back - my natural powder / Front - my contour powder

The result definitely isn't as striking as it would be if you used a contour product, but while you are learning where to place product the different areas of your face this is a pretty failsafe option! You definitely get some definition without commiting to a big old stripe down your cheeks (been there). It really isn't anything innovative, but just a little trick that makes make-up easier for me.

Do share any tips you have them, and let me know if you might give this a go :)
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Thanks for reading,
Collette xxx


  1. I'm terrible at contouring too. I can never seem to get it right. Thanks for the tip xx

    1. I have an especially squishy face so that's why I struggle.. I think it is just a matter of getting to know what works for your own shape. We will get there one day! Thanks hun xx