Saturday, 9 June 2012

New (and disappointing) Barry M Chameleon polish

Hi everyone,

So, I'm a little disappointed today. I popped into Superdrug earlier and was shocked to find the 'New Barry M Chameleon nail paints' as I hadn't seen much hype about them online - did I miss something?

I still hadn't bought anything to get my free 80's style polish so thought 'go on then, let's try this out', so picked up the pink (middle) and blue (right).

Oh my. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Unless I'm getting this completely wrong, this is what you're supposed to do:

I used the blue polish and the Barry M Basecoat, topcoat and hardener.. just to be safe!
Step one: Apply a basecoat - CHECK
Step two: Apply a coat of the 'Chameleon' polish of choice - CHECK
Step three: Wait for this to dry, then go crazy with your choice of topcoat (apparently any topcoat works although not sure how true this is?) and make pretty designs/patterns - CHE..wait, what :|

I was doing this quickly as I wasn't in a patient mood but wanted to try this out... Now, unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, are amazingly talented with a small brush and/or have the patience of a saint, I'm not sure how this will work for you as it doesn't for me.

The colour of the blue is amazing BUT it's then ruined by this horrible, dull mauvey colour. Some of you may love it, but it really isn't my colour at all, especially not for this time of year. On top of that, you will probably need a stencil or some tape to create any design as most topcoat brushes are thick and not made for 'nail art'.

I'm also a little confused as to how you're supposed to seal your design in, as you can't pop a topcoat on to protect it. Since I didn't wait any longer than two minutes after painting, I can't tell you what the chipping is like but if it's like regular Barry M paint, i'm thinking you possibly have 2-3 days before it starts looking tatty.

I was so excited to try this but it's a big fat fail for Barry M in my book. I will still buy their regular paints but this for £3.99 isn't worth it in my book.

Have you tried any of these polishes yet & what do you think?



  1. What on earth!? This sounds RUBBISH!! So glad that I didnt try it. How dissapointing

    1. Yeah =[ it seems like such a brilliant idea before you think 'oh, how do i seal in the design i've just spent hours working on' haha. Hmm.. I think there are other brands out there that do similar things but don't think i'll bother to be honest. Glad it helped you save some pennies :] x

  2. I haven't see these in stores. I don't know if I am going to get any because I tried the croc effect and also didn't work for me. I guess I just stick with the regular nail polish shades:)

    1. Yeah, i'm not a fan of the Barry M 'effects'. I think they should just stick to the colours, 'cause that's what they're good at :] x