Monday, 5 December 2011

Snowman nails

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post tonight about SNOWMAN NAILS!

They're not the best but I fancied something different and wanted to get into the festive spirit. This was inspired by Cutepolish. Let me know what you think :]

Blue 'snow' dots and a snowman.

The nose was super tricky!

One snowman really is better than the other - haha.

Nose isn't perfect up close *at all* but you get the general idea (sorry about the icky a sore dry bit at the moment :( but this was the better of the two)!
I know I don't have the best hands/nails ever but I thought i'd give it a go.

The polish I used:
Basecoat: Barry M basecoat - Clear
Base colour: elf - White
Snowman eyes/mouth: elf - Black
Snowman nose: Barry M - Peach Melba
Snow dots: Avon - Vintage Blue
Glitter on snow dots: Andrea Fulerton's 'Petrol in Water' glitter coat
Topcoat: Barry M topcoat - Clear

Hope you all enjoyed :] i'll be trying something different every week on the run up to Christmas!



  1. What a cute nail design! It seems pretty easy to do too. =)

  2. It's super easy to do! If I can do it :P then i'm sure anyone else can! I didn't have nail tools though, so had to use a bobby pin :] x

  3. Cute! x

    Holli x

  4. Super cute!

    ♥ Shia