Monday, 7 May 2012

Dorothy Perkins London Collection

Hi everyone :]

This bank holiday morning has so far been filled with pyjamas, tea and reading the news, so why not throw a spot of clothes shopping in there as well?

Dorothy Perkins, here I come! It's dangerous having fashion sites saved as a bookmark icons.

I tend to check out the 'What's new' section rather freqently but hadn't in some time so that was my first stop.

For those of you who love Dorothy Perkins will be aware of the Olivia Rubin range that has just been released but it would seem that they have also released something else on the quiet... a 'London' Collection! Where was my email to notify me of this little gem?

Click here to go and have a browse at the fabulous British influenced items :]
Note: You must be armed with a cup of tea and possibly several biscuits before entering.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection:

Grey mirrored print scarf - £9.50
Navy teacup print ankle socks - £2.50
Leopard print wellies - £23.00
Cream London Eye tee - £18.00

This isn't the world largest collection, not by any means but I love the fact that DP are celebrating
Britian and at a reasonable price as well.

What do you think of the new DP London collection?

I'd personally like to see more... Perhaps jewellery, handbags and maybe more tees/jumpers?

Hope you're all having a good (bank holiday) Monday!


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