Monday, 21 May 2012

A VERY disappointing purchase..

I was considering not writing this review as I'm always reluctant to criticise a brand I (usually) love, but I thought.. hey, it really is a blogger's responsibility to share when they think a product is a pile of poop too. The product is Bourjois Volumizer Mascara, a bit of makeup kit that I've seen fawned over frequently on Youtube, etc - and as I was in the market for a new mascara, I thought I'd give this a go.

It's a two step system, step 1 claims to define and 'prepare' lashes for step 2, which supposedly offers maximum volume to your lashes with no clumps. When I received this I was pretty excited to use it after such gleaming reviews. Step 1 is fine (the brush handle is mega long) and adds just a thin coating of mascara, I suppose if you have rather healthy and long lashes this step may be just enough for you. Alas, I have short stubby ones so I thought step 2 would be just what I needed. Unfortunately there seems to be no suction system (?) when removing the wand which results in a brush full to the brim of mascara. It actually takes me longer to remove all the gloop from the wand than it does to use it! For a product that is a rather whopping £10.49, I would expect a little more. The result, after removing all the excess, is a pretty clumpy look that I really don't think is worth the pennies.

Here are a few pics to demonstrate!

Bourjois Volumizer
Step 1 - looks promising..
Step 2
Step 2 - oh dear!

I'm hoping that with time, as the mascara starts to dry a little, this product may be a little easier to use! Have you bought this product? Would love to know what others think!

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