Tuesday, 11 October 2011

e.l.f ♥ Love or hate?

This morning I was so pleased to received my massive parcel of goodies from e.l.f but after opening the packaging and swatching, i'm not so sure.

I kept seeing e.l.f splashed over Youtube and figured maybe I should start wearing makeup properly again, so why not start with a brand everyone loves? That's when I realised pretty much 98% of makeup on their website it only £1.50 - BARGAIN...Right?

So, £32.00 later, lots of pictures and my first impressions...

Nail Polish
First impressions: I think they'll need a couple of coats as they don't look very pigmented.
L-R: Metal Madness, Nude.
L-R: Gum Pink, Blush.
Matte Finisher - Clear.

L-R: Metal Madness, Nude, Gum Pink & Blush.
Concealer, Eyeliner, Primers & Eyeshadows 
First impressions: The colours look natural/nude, so hopefully i'll like them once they're on.

Tone Correcting Concealer in Ivory
Liquid Eyeshadows in Cream Dream and Sultry Satin. Cream Dream arrived dry and isn't useable :[
Eyelid primers in Pearl, Sheer and Champagne.
L-R clockwise: Ivory concealer, Champagne primer, Sheer primer, Pearl primer and Sultry Satin eyeshadow.
Brightening Eye Colour in Ethereal

As far as i'm aware, each colour doesn't have a name but you get the general idea.
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
Swatch of the eyeliner, not very pigmented.
 Other bits & pieces
These are mostly tools and random bits :]
First impressions: The quality doesn't seem too bad, but i'll have to really try them before I can comment.
Blending Eye Brush
Balm in Vanilla Creme
Cuticle Pushers x 2
Nail buffer :] looking forward to using this!
Last item, Zit Zapper.. apparently this is good, so bring on the spots!
Overall thoughts?
For products that are £1.50 each, they're not that bad but I think I was expecting something different. All I can do now is try them out and see how I get on!

Has anyone else used e.l.f before? If you have, what were your experiences like? Please let me know!



  1. Ive heard alot about elf products but never tried them for myself. Im csutious when it comes to makeup off the internet that i cant try.
    Look forward to your future posts when youve tried them out.
    Holli x

  2. I kept hearing so much about them, all positive so thought i'd give them a try. Not the most amazing makeup, I must say but i'll give it a go and see what happens. Judging by the MAC website, clown makeup is very 'on trend' so I may look alright :) Thanks for reading though! I will be doing some reviews xx

  3. i really nice some products of elf not essential but mineral and studio
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥