Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Barry M Nail Paints

Hello lovely people :)

Here's a little review to show you all the Barry M Nail Paints I own, as out of my whole nail polish collection these are the most reliable colours I have and always turn to. They're easy to apply and so long lasting. After years of biting my nails to next to nothing, I’ve finally grown them to a healthy length so these are my rewards for doing so! Hope you enjoy.

(310 Mushroom / 290 Spring Green / 66 Matt White / 307 Lemon Ice Cream)
(262 Bright Red / 291 Cobalt Blue / 292 Navy / 294 Cyan Blue)
( 289 Gold / 244 Hologram Hexograms / 316 Nail Effects White / 311 Nail Effects Black)
As you can see in the bottom picture, the 'Hologram' polish is clear with large glitter, this can be applied on it's own as shown but also looks great over colour (I'd recommend black). The two nail effects featured are over red varnish, and after a few experiments with these I've found they need to be painted over another polish, and won't crackle when directly placed on the nail.

All of these products are available from the Barry M website, or alternatively from Boots and Superdrug in the UK. The regular colours retail at £2.99, while the nail effects sell for £3.99. If you order with Barry M by Friday 7th October you can receive 20% off all products with the discount code 'DISCOUNT'! I have a serious love affair with this brand so if you are already a fan or just fancy exploring something new, I'd forever recommend them.

Two other products I used today are Rimmel 5-in-1 Base and Top Coat (available here), as well as Avon's Liquid Freeze.

The Rimmel varnish is the best base/top coat I've come across as it goes a long way and provides the protection I look for. Rimmel claims the varnish provides "smoother, stronger, longer, more moisturised and shinier nails" - personally, I haven't noted a huge change myself so I can't support that claim, but it does the job that I bought it for which is to stop chipping and provide shine. 

Avon's Liquid Freeze comes in the form of a liquid in a spray bottle, which, after applying your polish, you spray directly onto the nail for to speed up the drying process. I work for Avon myself, and when I purchased this I was a little skeptical, but as someone who forever smudges their nails after hours of patient concentration, I thought I'd give it a go. Much to my surprise it's a fab product and dries my nails within about 10 seconds. Unfortunately this product has sadly been discontinued from Avon so cannot be bought directly from them, but is available through Ebay if you fancy one for yourself :)

Hope you've all had a great day!



  1. Gorgeous polishes, I am a big fan of Barry M too x

  2. Thanks Nicole, glad you to hear you're a fan! :) xx

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment xx