Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: Big Skincare Mystery!

Hi guys,

Quite an unusual post for you today.. I'm reviewing a product which offers absolutely no information on what brand is developing and creating it. It's all part of the Big Skincare Mystery, a marketing campaign run primarily through Facebook (you can have a little look at their page here) which promises to reveal all on 1st March 2012 about this exciting new skincare range. All you need to do is like their page on Facebook and apply for your free sample of the cleanser through there! According to the leaflet, the new range is supposed to give you "the perfect dose of strength and kindness, helping to keep your skin beautifully balanced and blemish free without the risk of over drying".

Excuse the marks - that was where the sample was :)

They state this can be used as a facial cleanser or as a mask if you leave on the skin for 3 minutes. I'd had a little look around at reviews and the general concensus seemed to be that the mask was more beneficial so, considering how teeeny this sampler was, I went for the mask. (Maybe I am a greedy product junkie, but I don't know how I'd get two uses out of this sampler!)

 The smell of the product is lovely and the texture is smooth, thin enough to work with, but thick enough to really feel like it's doing something for your skin. I was apprehensive at first as usually I only go for products aimed at sensitive skin but I had no problems with this.. even as the mask began to set slightly, despite a slight tingling sensation it was absolutely fine. It was easy to wash off and.. I really didn't want to default rave about this, but it really is fab! My skin felt polished and smooth and every scrap of dirt was gone. The only criticism I'd have is that they don't suggest to use this on the eye area, so if you were to use this as a make-up remover you'd need an alternative for removing eye make-up.

I'd definitely recommend you all to give the sample a go, it's free so you're not losing out on anything and you're being given access to a brand new skincare range. Also, if you let them know what you think you could win a share of £1,000 of Topshop vouchers! Give it a pop with the link above if this tickles your fancy and let me know your opinions.

Hope you're all having a great day,
Colly xxx


  1. Like this post, looks interesting! I just followed your blog and I would love if you could take a look at mine and possibly follow back or just leave me some feedback! Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks Justine! :) Will pop over and have a look now xx