Sunday, 27 November 2011

Presents from New York & Nails Inc.

Hello :]

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend? It's starting to finally feel like winter is on it's way. I love it! All those hats and scarves can now be put to good use. I love this time of the year, does anyone else?

Anyway, my mum and her boyfriend just came back from a week away in New York (lucky ..........) and before they went, I asked mum if she should try and find me a new pair of baby pink converse as mine died years ago, as well as a Betseyville bag. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I love this bag. LOVELOVELOVE IT!

The bag <3 <3 <3
Close up - just so you can see the detail a little better.
Inside the bag - beautiful lining :]
When mum was in the outlet and described it to me, I wasn't sure but decided she knew what I liked so trusted her. She was spot on. I love this bag and can't wait to wear it into work tomorrow! Not only did she get me the bag (which was $49.00 so.. £30.00 - which I paid back) but she decided to get me a little present.... THE MAKE-UP BAG!

Betsey make-up bag :]
I have so many make-up bags at the moment but due to my recent make-up addiction, this couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I love this and the lining is the same as the handbag. 

But it doesn't stop there....

Whilst mum & her boyfriend were in the outlet, they saw two pairs of leggings so bought those too! Today mum made me choose  which pair I wanted. The plain black pair with gold zips at the ankles or a lacey pair.. so after lots (and I mean lots) of uhming and ahhing, I went for the lacey pair!

I made this picture slighly larger so you can see the detail.
I'm not sure how much the make-up bag was but I think these were $17ish from what I remember on the packaging. I love them, I just hope they fit! If not, I will lose weight to get into them. 

The only other thing I got was my lovely new pair of converse, which look a little strange because I still need to re-lace them but you get the idea :]

I <3 these so much!
Lastly, I was in TK Maxx on Saturday and they have all their Christmas bits out so figured i'd have a look through the beauty stuff. I eventually found the nail polish and look what little gem I found....
Four amazing Nails Inc colours for £14.99!! These are in the shades (L-R): Burlington Arcade, Hanover Square, Bow Street and Kingly Street. I have been eyeing up these street name polishes on ebay for ages, so was super pleased to finally find some for an affordable price!
I currently have Burlington Arcade on my toe nails (but won't insert pictures as that's a little weird) and I have Kingly Street on my fingernails (but.. it went slightly wrong so I won't include pictures but they will follow).

I love finding these little treasures in TK Maxx or any shop for that matter. Perfect :]

Thank you for reading, it won't be so long next time!



  1. Great presents. I love that bag.<3


  2. Thanks, it's so roomy! I love it :] x

  3. Fab presents. Christmas has come early for you :-)

    Holli x

  4. I know! I'm a very lucky girl :] x

  5. that bag is so nice! love it!