Thursday, 24 November 2011

e.l.f super haul :]

Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since i've written here. I did have every intention of doing a birthday haul but it's now 20 days later and I still haven't written one plus I think it's unfair to include some bits and not others so perhaps it is best that I don't show you? Not sure, but either way I had a lovely day.

In the past week, e.l.f have had two 40% off vouchers! One was via email as i'm signed up to their newsletter and the other was because they reached 250,000 likes on Facebook! Although e.l.f is super cheap anyway, this voucher pretty much meant I could have the majority of bits for 90p instead of £1.50 - how pleased was I?

So.. I went a little over the top. I bought some bits with the first voucher then decided to go crazy as it was nearly pay day with my other voucher! I'm not going to ramble too much because i'm just going to get on with the pictures.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures - it's dark and the lights in my lounge are awful! Enjoy :]

Coy & Innocence
Cream Eyeliner & Brush in Black. BEST eyeliner :]
High Definition Face Powder. Not used yet but heard it's amazing.

Lengthining and Defining Mascara.
In Sexy Silver and Cream Deam!
Under Eye Concealer & Highlights - i've been using this as a primer :]
Wet Gloss & Brow Clear Mascara.
Just some swatches!!
Just some nail bits and bobs I was needing to restock.
Black and Mint Cream

White, Coral and Dark Navy

Cranberry and Twinkle
Eyelash curlers and tweezers - can never have enough!

As well as some brushes and other nail polishes :] I think I did really well. These were all bought with the 40% off voucher and each box (because i ordered twice) was about £20ish

Has anyone else tried any of these bits out?

x x x x


  1. i love ELF products, everything from nail polish, to face powder! YOu have a lot of great products here! I really like your blog, and I am now a follower!

  2. Thanks hun =] This isn't even everything, but the photos wouldn't upload! I think I nearly have every nail polish.. is that bad? Heh :) x

  3. Love the look of the liquid shadows! never saw them when i was making my order!
    I love their gel eyeliners, theyre really great.