Thursday, 29 September 2011

MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palettes

Make Up Academy is a brand primarily associated with Superdrug, and very well known throughout the beauty industry in the UK for retailing products at just £1 each. They have now started a shiny new line called MUA Professional, where products are just a few pounds more, but nonetheless fantastic value for money. I’ve bought two of the new palettes which are called ‘Pretty Pastels’ and ‘Glitterball’ – they retail at £4 a pop, not bad!

As you can see, each palette comes with 12 eyeshadows, which is the equivalent of about 33p each (compared to MAC where individual eyeshadows sell for £15.50). The texture is great and each eyeshadow offers fantastic pigmentation. The only downside I have to comment on is the fact that you can get a LOT of fall out from these, so go easy when applying and make sure you’ve tapped off any excess to avoid those panda eyes (unless you like that look!). You also get a sponge applicator in there which I know are a bit like Marmite, but I find them helpful with heavy colours if I don't want to ruin my brushes!

Glitterball Palette

                                                                         (top row)

                                                                     (bottom row)

As you can gather from the name, all the shadows contain glitter - what's more, the glitter doesn't disappear when applied or blended so a big thumbs up there!

Pretty Pastels

                                                                        (top row)

                                                                  (bottom row)

All of the shadows in this palette I would say work best as highlighters, as although pale, they have an element of shimmer which would compliment the brow bone perfectly. Apologies for the battered look of mine, the white is definitely my favourite (if you couldn't guess) :)

I’ve owned these products for a couple of weeks now and do find myself reaching for them every time I do my make-up. I think it’s easy to be a little apprehensive of the MUA range, the price gives the impression you wouldn’t get much pay off from your purchase but I would recommend these to anyone interesting in widening their make-up collection – if you’re just starting out or you know all you need to, these will help you achieve some great looks. They’re available here: [Glitter Ball] and [Pretty Pastels], as well as four other brand spanking new palettes.

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