Thursday, 29 September 2011

About us :)

Hello lovely people,
Here's a little more information on who we are and why we're writing!

I’m Collette, 21 and lover of all the make-up I can get my hands on! I hope to write about the cosmetics I come across and offer my honest opinions on what is worth the pennies and what isn’t. I’m a big believer in buying products that work for you and not just for the price tag, so I’ll be reviewing anything from the £1 MUA range to a little more pricey brands such as MAC and Urban Decay. Feel free to comment with any questions, and I hope you enjoy the blog!

I'm Amy, 22 and I have a strange addiction to The Body Shop! I love any products that help me to relax or make me feel slightly more comfortable in my own skin. Being on the 'plumper' side, I do find fashion very difficult to keep up with, as many shops don't usually stock the larger sizes although it seems that some of the high street shops are starting to think about us a little more now. I love buying clothes though, even if it's just a new dress for work! Primark is my absolute diamond at the moment, so expect lots of hauls and goodies from there. I hope to write lots of reviews, share my hauls and anything else that catches my eye along the way. Enjoy!


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  1. it's so awesome that you guys share a special friendship, and that you guys have a fabulous blog together. i had fun reading your posts, and loved all the product reviews. following, and i hope we can stay connected! will def. visit again. good night! :)