Saturday, 17 March 2012

Weight loss, haul and other bits :]

Hi everyone :]

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend?

If you don't want to read a rambly blog... run now!

I had some exciting news on Monday and to celebrate my boyfriend is taking me away for the night tomorrow for some cheeky chips on the beach in Brighton, so I spent today with my mum as our 'mothers day' day out!

We headed over to Crawley, had a coffee which was a little on the large side and then did a bit o'shopping.

I didn't really have anything in mind, which I don't know about you but is nice 'cause you can just browse without getting worked up.

The camera I usually use isn't working, but i've popped a few pictures of what I bought below using my phone :]

Primark: Sheer polka dot shirt - £10, Vanity case - £5, Lint roller - £1
Superdrug: Overnight goodies for Sunday. Dove set - £5, Simple & toothpaste - £1(ish)

Harvey's: Scented candles on sale! L-R: French vanilla (£2), Jasmine and blossom (£1.50 each), Blueberry muffin (£2.80) and tray (£1).
We stopped off at Prezzo and had a lovely lunch. I tried the new 'Light' side of the menu, which was surprisingly nice. I had the 'Spaghetti with King Prawns' and it was so tasty, especially for 450ish calories. Note, don't eat the massive red piece of veg thinking it's a tomato... it's a chilli!

I'm still continuing with the diet and still doing well, not as well as last week though. This week i've lost a total of 4lbs and hopefully another 1lb will disappear before going to Brighton if I workout before I go. I'm noticing a difference now, and I'm comfortably wearing size 18 clothes now instead of going up a size for some items or in some shops - woo!
I also just want to congratulate Struck (my boyfriend) on his weight loss as he has managed to lose 12lbs!!!!! You can really tell he's lost weight and i'm so pleased and proud he's decided to stick with it :]

To help distract and relax me in the evening, I thought i'd give cross stitch a go (yes, a little mumsy of me but.. who cares!?) so mum and I popped into Hobbycraft today....

So really, that's it! On a side note, if you're near a TK Maxx, pop in there now! Ciaté have a load of items in there at the moment - crackle nail polish (which I picked up last week) which have three crackle polishes for £4.99 as well as the repairing hand cream for £4.99. They're so cheap, so go and take a look!

Sorry this wasn't very exciting but I hope you enjoyed anyway.

During the week I will be reviewing the Q10 firming oil, my new favourite product <3

Happy mothers day & have a lovely weekend!



  1. well done on your weight loss :) the primark vanity case is so nice! And the blueberry muffin candle sounds amaaazing! x

    1. Thanks hun :3 i'm getting there but still a long way to go! The vanity case is probably my favourite buy of the day. It's so me and was such a bargain! The candle <3 heaven xx

    2. I've tagged you in my latest post btw! :) xx

    3. Awh, thank you hun!! xx

  2. Great products and well done on weight loss !! Love polka dot top :)

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    1. Thank you :] it's so cute, isn't it? I will go and have a gander xx